About Katunga Primary School

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Katunga Primary School provides a harmonious and happy learning environment where children are cared for and treated with respect. The programs at the school provide a broad and challenging curriculum that enables all children to learn at their own pace and to achieve their academic and social potential.

The school was rebuilt in 2010 as part of the Building the Education Revolution and the children and staff now work in brand new facilities.

The school has a designated makers space that is utilised for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematic integration).

This building is also utilised for student centred club activities during lunch times. Clubs include dance, craft, book club and technology.

The design of the learning spaces provides flexibility for the teachers for curriculum delivery and caters for the learning needs of each and every student.

Katunga Primary School has an enrolment of 82 children and is situated 10 km north of Numurkah.

The school was established in 1952 and services the Katunga community and the farming families in the surrounding area.

Shared purpose

The school's shared moral purpose was achieved through consultation with teachers, parents and the children at the school.

The aim of this statement is to articulate shared goals, values and a vision for the school.

The direction the school takes and the decisions made at a school level are arrived at through referring to our shared understandings that are articulated in the following statement:

Purpose Statement

Katunga Primary School recognises the individuality of every person with regard to their personalities, learning needs and learning styles. Every person will be given the opportunity to develop their potential through high levels of engagement and the highest quality teaching and learning programs. We will develop the individual to become life-long learners and to be valuable members of, and contributors to, their communities and society.

The school is serviced by two buses that cover a wide network of roads, enabling families in the surrounding area to transport their children to and from the school free of charge.

The school playground is expansive and features adventure playgrounds and access to extensive sporting facilities including an irrigated school oval and synthetic grass tennis, netball and basketball courts.

The school places an emphasis on high levels of parent participation in all aspects of school life. We believe that all of us, working together, will achieve the best possible education for your child.

The School Council responsibly oversees the running of the school and ensures the teachers have the resources and facilities to provide quality educational programs for the children.