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School Philosophy

 Katunga Primary School has developed a shared moral purpose through consultation with teachers, parents and the children at the school. The aim of the statement is to articulate shared goals, values and a vision for the school.

Katunga Primary School recognises the individuality of every person with regard to their personalities, learning needs and learning styles.

Every person will be given the opportunity to develop their potential through high levels of engagement and the highest quality teaching and learning programs.

We will develop the individual to become life-long learners and to be valuable members of, and contributors to, their communities and society.

The values of the school are Excellence, Positivity, Inclusion and Respect, Integrity and Courage. The school also heavily promotes the philosophy that Katunga Kids are Friendly Kids and explains what this means. 

The values and expectations are reinforced on an ongoing basis. The school teaches the Respectful Relationships program in all classes.

Part of the teaching Principal role in the school is to have weekly sessions with all classes promoting the school values and expectations. 

The teachers also act as role models around the school and they are expected to display and demonstrate the values outlined above.


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